Will Smith flirts with the humanoid robot Sophia and takes a rake

During a stay in the Cayman Islands, actor Will Smith had the opportunity to have an intimate conversation with Sophia, the ultra-realistic humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics. As a great seducer, he does not resist flirting with this artificial intelligence, but while he tries to kiss him, he will take a monumental wind!

If his character Del Spooner in the movie I-Robot did not really appreciate the robots, it seems that the actor has totally changed his mind against Sophia, this humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics . Will Smith starts the conversation with Sophia with a joke about his heavy metal tastes, but it seems that the latter is not really receptive to his humor or his favorite music style ( hip-hop ). He then tries everything for the whole and launches into a number of charm which he secretly, in the manner of his role of expert seduction in the film Hitch. But as he tries to kiss her, Sophia lets her know that she prefers them to remain mere friends. This is called a rake!

In development for more than two years, Sophia is a very advanced humanoid robot woman , able to show more than 60 different human expressions, to interpret human language and emotions. It is even able to learn and represents what is best at this time in terms of artificial intelligence . However, for Will Smith, she still has some progress to make since she did not want to kiss her🙂

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