What is the most economical between a stove and a closed fireplace

Are you hesitating between a woodstove and a closed fireplace? Do you want to enjoy an energy bonus? Basically, it’s good that you want to equip your home with a device that heats the air. But now, you have to open your eyes to save energy. Here is  the most economical in terms of energy.

stove vs fireplace


These two devices make it possible to increase energy efficiency. They offer the opportunity to live incredible experiences of contemplation of the flames born from the fire. A final point to emphasize is their source of heat. Their energy comes essentially from two sources: radiation and convection that give you an energy bonus. However, they do not have the same uses.

The designs

There are different shapes. It can be leaned or recessed on the wall. And if you are fond of systems with a sliding door, you will find yours. Moreover, this system is more aesthetic and gives charm to your living room. You could also take a model that you place in the center or corner of your room. In order to know more tips to illuminate your interior, visit  nidouillet.com .


The wood stove has a considerable yield, and its installation is not complex. She does not throw wood and her fire lasts a long time. It thus allows a premium of energy. Indeed, its energy efficiency is greater than 70%, which promotes significant energy savings. But that’s not all. This heating tool makes it possible to benefit from a tax credit of 30%.

The closed fireplace heats up faster. It recovers approximately 70 to 85% of the heat produced. In addition, it consumes less firewood, and the fire lasts more than 10 hours. Since the wood burns inside a window, projections are controlled. Better, you will have a tax credit of 30% of the purchase price. Consider installing a heat distributor to spread energy throughout the house. Make your choice !

Premium energy, the disadvantages associated with these devices

The stove is less aesthetic than the second. When not installed correctly and following the standards, it becomes dangerous. This is why it is always necessary – it is recommended – to have it installed by an RGE certified agent. And if, despite the successful installation, care is not taken to observe the precautions, the risk of a fire is high.

The second device, on the other hand, is doing a lot of work. A real job in your house! If you had a chimney, it will replace it entirely to take advantage of the energy bonus. The burning wood inside produces ash. Regular cleaning must be done. And its general operation does not necessarily guarantee a saving of energy.

The prices

The price of a wood stove varies according to several parameters. In other words, there is no predefined price for these  heaters . But note that the higher the amount, the more power there is. You will spend:

  • Between € 1000 and € 1500 for the closed fireplace
  • Between 500 and 300 € for the stove
  • Between 500 and 1500 € for their installation as an energy bonus by professionals.
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