These cartoons have only one purpose to draw a smile

Lim Heng Swee , an illustrator and visual artist who lives and works in Kuala Lampur, is known on the web under the pseudonym I Love Doodle . It could be considered the progenitor of a certain category of “humorous” artists that has spread enormously in recent years, above all thanks to social media.I speak of illustrators such as Naolito , Milkyprint ,  Ta7richa  or Glennz , about which we have already spoken in the past, and in general of all that group of creatives who have found in the ironic comic strip  a way to express themselves.

I Love Doodle, whose success dates back to the golden years of Threadless, has only one goal: ” Doodling A Smile “, to draw a smile on people’s faces. To achieve this, he invents new vignettes of objects, animals and plants with human features playing, joking and exchanging tender messages. They are designed with a deliberately childish style, but, as the author would like to specify:

“I would describe my work as simple and fun, but with a strong idea or message behind it. Life should be fun and humorous when possible.

Lim has a portfolio / shop where you can buy high quality prints, t-shirts and personalized mugs.

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