The fairytale allegories of Roberta Palazzolo

The scenographic elements in the illustrations by Roberta Palazzolo are few and essential . Open spaces, almost infinite, that highlight the true protagonists of the scene: nature and the human figure , often embodied by the image of a child who, thanks to her innocence, manages to empathize with the wildest creatures.
A warning but also a hope for our future, which must regain the simplicity and respect for the mother earth. A simplicity that becomes style, deliberately  naïf , and gives an even greater suggestion to the “encounters” staged by Roberta. The drawings are the beginning of fairytale allegories , such as that of the Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry, which tackle important themes such as the meaning of life, love and friendship, with a poetic and sincere candor. It is the author herself to confess:

“I am a particularly shy and introverted girl, very romantic, perfectionist, thoughtful and sometimes impulsive. What I think we should keep growing, is curiosity, an aspect that is part of my character and that pushes me to observe everything with amazement and wonder, a bit like a child. I think we should open up without prejudice to what we do not know. The illustration helped me to look at nature, my greatest source of inspiration, and the little things around me, from different perspectives. “



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