The explosive power of Sara Paglia’s paintings

Sara Paglia is a Roman artist and illustrator. I had the pleasure of meeting her personally while she was working on the portrait of Davide ” Boosta ” Dileo, realized live during the last edition of Binario 18 . On that occasion he told me how his works are born, made with black ink and ecoline, and his passion for portraits:

” I am attracted to people’s faces, I get lost in the expressions that characterize each of us. The technique that best represents me consists in the combo of color jets that insinuate themselves in the visual calm of the harmonic and elegant lines, giving the works an emotional pair of energy and reflection “ .

The attention to detail and all the infinitesimal shades that define human expressions is emphasized by a very particular style in which water colors are applied without respecting the spaces defined by the lines but literally invade the canvas in an explosion of color only apparently disordered. In this way Sara manages to give the subjects an extraordinary expressive power, a discharge of positive energy that travels straight from the canvas towards the observer.

After working for nearly 10 years as a graphic designer for a sports company, Sara is a full-time freelance artist. He makes portraits of musicians and singers for Rolling Stone, collaborates with different brands and has created  his own tshirt line  that you can find in the shop section of his website. It is often hired by private individuals, who call it to personalize and make the interiors of their homes unique . His latest creation is the header he wanted to give us and all our readers: a beautiful field of poppies wrapped in the depths of the night.

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