The enchanted worlds of Demelsa Haughton

She says she is “a freelance illustrator who tries to earn a living by painting sitting all day without becoming a whale” , which seems to me already two good intentions. But Demelsa Haughton , an Englishman from North Yorkshire, definitely goes further.
In his portfolio, crowded with tender and a little extravagant Victorian girls  and their faithful little animals, it is all a flourish of imaginary worlds painted with solid precision. Natural landscapes and volumes sculpted by the lights accompany us on a fantastic and somewhat realistic journey, like in a funny daydream , where humor serves to reassure us that everything will end well. If the reference imaginary tends to recall the steampunk quirks , the atmosphere is that of a joyful, childlike picnic in the fairytale forest. It’s nice to know that we can come back.

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