The decomposition of the feminine self in Rocio Montoya’s collages

Rocio Montoya is Spanish, lives in Madrid and works as a graphic and web designer. He loves portraits and fashion, and with time he started to approach various reproduction techniques, from photography to collages. Each of his works is extremely delicate and guides us towards an almost dreamlike journey to discover the feminine self , which is decomposed and rebuilt with beautiful floral motifs.

His portraits in black and white are the faces of beautiful women, immobile, almost of other times, but absent and lost in the search for something. Rocio decomposes them and reassembles them in a surrealist key using elements taken from botany books. Feminine figures, human bodies, identity and nature are the focal elements of his work. He has collaborated with many international brands such as Kenzo, Nike and Chanel, and currently works as a graphic designer for the newspaper ElEconomist .

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