The conceptual illustration according to Mirko Cresta

He graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Lugano, worked for many years in graphic studies and agencies between Milan and Ticino and then settled in Zurich, where since 2008 he works as a graphic designer and art director. The illustration for Mirko Cresta  is a parallel but not a secondary career, given the numerous collaborations, awards and international awards that have punctuated his professional career.Recently, for example, he won the 59th Communication Arts Annual Illlustration Competition in the “editorial illustration” category.

Conquered by digital minimalism and then by conceptual illustration he has found over time his style that has been enriched with realistic details and vibrant colors  without renouncing cleanliness and compositional synthesis. Among the authors that loves there are some who have already dedicated space: Aad Goudappel , Sarah Mazzetti , Joey Guidone  and then Rune Fisker, André da Loba, Mark Smith and many others.

Irony allows him to deal with sensitive, social, political and topical issues, avoiding being didactic or too empathetic. Irony that Mirko has also adopted for the header that he made exclusively for the Picame readers in a double version , one for the site and one for the Facebook page . An “educational” demonstration of how the conceptual illustration can communicate different messages but of similar meaning with the substitution of a single “ingredient”.

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