Sugar and fantasy the recipe for illustrations by Gloria Sweetcandyroll Pozzi

Slight and fun as a breath of spring breeze, Gloria Pozzi  is the author of our last  header . Despite being a relatively new name in the landscape of illustration, he knows how to move with enviable ease. His drawings speak of the joy of living , the ancestral call of the sea of ​​Rimini, his city, through a game of references to illustrious fellow citizens, Federico Fellini, and in a continuous flow of ideas .

Watercolors in light colors alternate with objects, photographed first and then transformed into illustrations: donuts-life preservers, squirrels munching chocolate bars, fishes sipping orange juice from a straw, rabbits chewing spaghetti with tomato sauce. Every idea is good to play with the clichés, appropriating without fear, confusing the cards and thus creating something new and irreverent, as long as it makes us smile.

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