See Gwilym Pugh Model Transformation Through Pictures

His name is Gwilym Pugh and he’s done campaigns for Vans, Bud Light, Diesel and so on and he’s also the image ambassador for David Beckham’s new male grooming brand called House 99. He works with the famous London agency AMCK Models and he seems like a successful model and a very handsome and hot bearded man, but this is all rather new to him. (yes, you’ve probably seen the pictures) And this is what we’re going to discuss today: his transformation! It is a stunning one that you could never think of.

Gwilym was a 21-year-old businessman working for his own successful insurance company in a spare bedroom. It seemed like the dream: to work from home, but it wasn’t since Gwilym gained 280 pounds and suffered from injuries that made him unable to exercise.

His lifestyle was pretty much composed of 10-12 hours of work a day while sitting down in front of a computer. That is really bad for your body and mind but Gwilym salvation came from his barber and his strong will and motivation to do something with his own life.

Gwilym and his friends formed a folk band and his barber advised him it was a good idea to grow some facial hair to go with the newly-discovered musicianship. He started growing a beard, but also decided to go further with his transformation and clean up his diet, exercise and quit his desk job.

“The business was doing okay, but I decided I needed to get my life in order and wanted to get healthy again”, says Gwilym.

He lost 90 pounds in over five years and growing his beard in the meantime. He then started an Instagram account which got the attention of a Welsh tailor named Nathan Palmer. From there on, things moved fast and now, Gwilym is an adored model and a very hot guy who enjoys life, works a lot, but stays healthy and clean and again…looks to die for. You can follow his transformation through the pictures below. They are quite inspirational

gwilym pugh model transformation 1 (1)

Image: WalesOnline


gwilym pugh model transformation 2 (1)

Image: gwilymcpugh

gwilym pugh model transformation 3 (1)

Image : Adam Fussell / AMCK Model

shy boy model transformation 4 (1)

shy boy model transformation 5 (1)

Image: Adam Fussell / AMCK Models


shy boy model transformation 6 (1)

Image: House 99

shy boy model transformation 7 (1)

Image: gwilymcpugh

shy boy model transformation 8 (1)

Image : Gwilym C Pug

shy boy model transformation 9 (1)

shy boy model transformation 10 (1)

Image: Exposure London

gwilym pugh model transformation 11 (1)

Image : gwilymcpug

gwilym pugh model transformation 12 (1)

Image: gwilymcpugh

gwilym pugh model transformation 13 (1)

Image: Gwilym C Pugh

gwilym pugh model transformation 14 (1)

Image: Gwilym C Pugh


gwilym pugh model transformation 15 (1)

Image: Gwilym C Pugh

gwilym pugh model transformation 16 (1)

Image: gwilymcpugh

gwilym pugh model transformation 17 (1)

Image: Gwilym C Pugh

gwilym pugh model transformation 18 (1)

Image: gwilymcpugh


gwilym pugh model transformation 19 (1)

Image: Edo Brugué

gwilym pugh model transformation 20 (1)

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