Russian Modeling Agency OLDUSHKA Only Signs Models Aged 45 Years Old Or Older To Break Beauty Standards

We all know that in the unique world of modeling, the younger models are considered gods and pretty much the younger the better. However, we already showed you a few examples in the past where older models rocked the stage or photo shoot and really gave the youngsters a run for their money, we all learned that having a few wrinkles on your face and body doesn’t really mean you can’t still look stunning and fashionable.

Today we have another good example of senior models showing us that they still got what it takes to rock a stylish look and pretty much shut everyone who disagrees up.

One modeling agency who has been making waves lately took the opposite approach to the modeling world. Instead of giving in and do what everyone else is already doing and hunting down the next young model, they have specifically targeted older models and looking for that senior look. The company is called OLDUSHKA and they come from Russia.

Founder and lead photographer of the agency Igor Gavar says they spend the last year and a half booking a small but very specific group of men and women models aged 45 years old and older. Each one has its own style and unique look and can model different types of brands and products. From avant garde to lifestyle products and even sexy fashion. They can do it all with grace.

” I met some very interesting faces, and I wanted to do a seperate project with them. A modeling agency became that sort of project ” 

This are the words of Igor Gavar about how OLDUSHKA came to be. The photographer said he never intended to start a modeling agency and it just formed naturaly after a project he did photographing street style of retirees. Fast forward to today, and Gavar is showing the world that our old ways of thinking what looks good and what is sexy and fresh can be expanded if we just open our minds a little bit:

” The models all appear as themselves and act as an instrument to fight stereotypes. They are an inspiring example to show that it is possible to look beautiful and be of age. “



Remember, age is only a number in your head


73 years young – Victor Sosnovtsev


62 years old – VALENTINA YASEN




45 years old and looking stunning – SERGEY ARCTICA


70 years old – IRINA BELYSHEVA


80 years old – one of the oldest models in the agency. IRINA DENISOVA


75 years old – NINA IVANOVNA


53 years old – IVAN PETKOV


69 years old Galina


62 years old – LUBMILA


78 years old – VALERIYA


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