Man Shot in the Head While Live on Facebook

Houston police department are investigating an incident that occurred at approximately 2.30 a.m. on Easter Sunday. Three people were sitting in a car outside a petrol station while they were recording a Facebook Live video.

Two of the people were playing with handguns, and at one point the victim, Devyn Holmes, said “You’re making me nervous.” One of the other people in the car said “it ain’t got no clip, bud,” with Holmes asking Cassandra Damper to stop waving the gun in the car while talking about “lying ass hoes.”

Moments later, one of the guns went off and Holmes was shot in the head. Police and emergency services quickly arrived, taking Holmes to Ben Taub Hospital, where he’s reportedly in critical condition.

Officers questioned the two other people who were in the car, and arrested Cassandra Damper on suspicion of tampering with evidence after she attempted to remove gun residue from her hands. Damper told authorities she didn’t know the gun she was waving around was loaded.

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