Magnificent Volcano Photos Celebrate the Intense Beauty of Hawaii

Photographer Michael Shainblum recently shot the magnificently intense beauty of volcanoes during his trip to Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. Calling the experience “one of the most truly mystical scenes [he has] ever had the pleasure of capturing,” he showcases these amazing sights using his style of fine art landscape photography. During the project, however, Shainblum decided to curb his artistic license and only used minimal post-processing afterward. What you see here is very close to how he actually witnessed it.

Shainblum’s journey was full of incredible moments where words fail to capture the magnitude of splendor. “Watching lava pour out of the cliff into the ocean was incredible enough,” he recalled. “To see a double rainbow form over the scene was unbelievable.” Coupled with thick clouds of smoke, they culminate in abstract scenes that appear almost unreal; Shainblum’s images illustrate the kinds of sights you’d read about in a great adventure tale.

Photographer Michael Shainblum recently ventured the Volcanoes National Park and captured some magnificent Hawaii photography.

Hawaii Photography by Michael ShainblumHawaii Photography by Michael Shainblum

Shainblum calls the experience, “One of the most truly mystical scenes I have ever had the pleasure of capturing.”

Volcano Photography by Michael S

Using an artist eye and minimal post-processing, the often-abstract images showcase the duality of a volcano—its destruction and beauty.

Volcano Photography by Michael SHawaii Volcano PhotographyHawaii Volcano PhotographyHawaii Volcano PhotographyHawaii Photography by Michael ShainblumHawaii Photography by Michael Shainblum

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