Get it Girl A collective of female illustrators

Get it Girl is an all-female collective based in Los Angeles formed by three artists and a producer who have come together to create illustrations that represent the female universe . Amelia , Audrey and Xoana put their ideas to life by turning them into drawings, while  Kaitlyn  turns them into reality.

The three come from different worlds and different formations but have been able to enclose their visions in a unitary project . They let themselves be inspired by each other and each month they propose a new topic to explore with different techniques involving exceptional guests . In  October,  for example, the issue was the breast, with a campaign to prevent cancer.

Even if their ideas and their vision on femininity have them, each of them has its own style. Xoana and Kaitlyn, for example, have clear Argentinean and Australian influences while Amelia, with her Jewish / Texan background, combined with Audrey’s Korean / American background, create a real potpourri of styles and inspirations. You can follow them on their  website  and also on Instagram .

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