Everything you wanted to know about women in Cécile Dormeau’s illustrations

French illustrator with experience in high-level communication and a long list of excellent clients,  Cécile Dormeau is a proud fair of body-positivity  that is not afraid to challenge conventions.Immortalized as illustrations or animated in funny gifs , in his portfolio parade women of all sizes and colors , grappling with junk food , extra pounds, depilation, menstrual cycles, love story with or without happy ending.

A celebration of “being” without the “having to be”, because that real life is something that rarely transpires from glossy photos. We can all immediately recognize ourselves in this continuous swing between self-acceptance and the desire to conform ourselves , studded with incident semisera, such as the eternal fight to the hairs on the legs or the “shameful” red stain left on the chair. And this is precisely the great strength of Cécile’s message: crying, laughing, getting dirty, gorging and trying to regain balance are universal actions, what matters is to do them by loving oneself .


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