Cross Stitches That Turn Embroidery From Old-School To Badass

When you hear words like cross stitching or embroidery it surely makes you think of your grandma’s house. Well, we certainly can not blame you since it is a bit of an old-school activity. But this compilation created by Bored Panda proves that cross stitching can be badass, and we guarantee that after seeing this work you will surely want to hand some of these embroideries on your wall!


Image source: Haft4Life


Image source: tubbers06


Image source: JustinKrump


Image source: SubversiveOriginals


Image source: Sarah Fisher


Image source:


Image source: HolyStitch101


Image source: aliciawatkins


Image source: OctopussSevenTwo


Image source: SasssyStitcher


Image source: aliciawatkins


Image source: littlewildheart


Image source: grammyshop


Image source: Haft4Life


Image source: sweetright

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