Cosplayers Portray What Disney Princesses Would Be Like, Based On Their Personalities

Alli Williams is a Los Angeles-based cosplayer and for this year’s International Women’s day she decided to break any stereotypes about Disney Princesses being bad role models.

Snow White, the Therapist

Snow White’s knack for finding the good in others and helping them be their best makes her an adept therapist. She specializes in group counseling and is working on her upcoming book, “From Grumpy to Happy: The Whistle While You Work Method.”

Cosplayer: Teena Phoenix | Photo: Jim Donnelly

Elsa, the Architect

In the film Frozen, Elsa destroys her family and her kingdom with her ice powers. She later learns to control her powers and rebuilds with love. Today, Elsa is a disaster-relief architect, helping families rebuild after natural disasters.

Cosplayer: Holland Phoenix | Photo: Ruy Arena

Ariel, the Archaeologist

This little mermaid finally has legs and is actively exploring the human world. She travels the globe uncovering human things previously lost to history, and brings them back to museums so they’ll finally be where the people are.

Cosplayer: Ali Williams | Photo: Ruy Arena

Rapunzel, the Teacher

Effervescent and creative, Rapunzel loves teaching children new things. Her degree in child development enables her to help them reach beyond their towers. Her curriculum is bursting with field trips that turn learning into the best day ever.

Cosplayer: Joanna Lynn Bert | Photo: Jim Donnelly

Pocahontas, the Politician

One with the people and an ever fearless leader, Pocahontas began her political career as an activist fighting for equal rights and environmental protection before being elected Governor of Virginia. Now a Senator, she is the first Native American woman to run for United States President.

Cosplayer: Colana Suzuki | Photo: Jim Donnelly | Graphic Design: Neil A. Williams II

Aurora, the Lawyer

This sleeping beauty is woke and ready to slay some corporate dragons. Dancing through the courtroom with the grace of a princess, this high-powered antitrust lawyer needs no prince to help her challenge monopolizing corporations. Aurora applies her cunning wit to combat corporate evil and just made partner at Hubert, Stefan, and Merryweather.

Cosplayer: Sara Katz-Scher | Photo: Jim Donnelly

Anna, the Wedding Planner

Anna’s optimistic perspective on romance and passion for adventure shines through her job as a destination wedding planner. She designs weddings worth melting for, and is known for designing the most elaborate chocolate fountains in the business.

Cosplayer: The Spritely One | Photo: Jim Donnelly

Belle, the Traveling Writer

In “Beauty and the Beast”, Belle dreams of having adventures as incredible as the ones in her beloved books, so naturally her two passions have combined. After her first national best-seller, Belle travels the great wide somewhere working on her next novel, bringing along her tablet loaded with ebooks for company.

Cosplayer: Lexxi | Photo: Jim Donnelly

Tiana, the Food Scientist

Tiana, ever the pioneer in the culinary arts, pushes the envelope as a molecular gastronomist. She combines her skills as a chef with science to create multi-sensory meals featuring that signature Louisiana flavor. Her nitrogen-frozen beignets are one of her most popular dishes. Never forgetting her roots, Tiana spends her spare time giving back to the community as a volunteer nutritionist.

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