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Slight and fun as a breath of spring breeze, Gloria Pozzi  is the author of our last  header . Despite being a relatively new name in the landscape of illustration, he knows how to move with enviable ease. His drawings speak of the joy of living , the ancestral call of the sea of ​​Rimini, his city, through a game of references to …

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Glow in the dark tattoos are all the rage. They’re cool, they make you stand out from all the rest, whenever you plan to get one because you’re just a huge rave fan who likes to party every weekend, or you want to hide your passion for tattoos from your boss, getting a UV tattoo …

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Diego Cusano  regales us with his crazy compositions

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Whether with a brush, pencil or pen, this artist shares her creations, both sweet and poetic, humorous or cynical.

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The photographer frome USA,  Pelle Cass takes hundreds of times the same picture then compose moments ubuesques

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This pair of retro Hipster Party Sunglasses draws inspiration from a timeless design that has shaped the fashion world for a lifetime. This makes them the ultimate choice for a vintage accessory lover and anyone else who loves to stay ahead of the hype. The design has its origins in the USSR, dating back to …

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Add uniqueness and warmth to your interior by hanging one of these Custom Dog Portraits in your room. All portraits are made in vibrant watercolor. Your painted pooch will look lifelike and yet artistic with color splashes reflecting its personality. To have this beautiful portrait made, all you need to do is email some pictures …

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Kristen Meyer is a Connecticut-based artist who specializes in interior decorating, window design and prop styling. This mother of two manages to create the most satisfying pieces of art by neatly organizing small objects into these perfect shapes. Her work will definitely make you fill in-order as it is the cleanest thing you’ll see today. Scroll down to …

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Kiyomi is a Japanese artist that creates the most intricate miniatures that look like 18th-century furniture. She is so dedicated to her hobby she wakes up as early as 4 am to start her work. Kiyomi is mainly inspired by early industrial age, and we’re sure if you saw these figures up close you would …

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I started doing this in 5th grade and I’ve been doing it for almost four years. Mermaid Look My Halloween Makeup Some Doll Thing Going to a Costume Party Purple Demon Another Doll Thing Zombie Veins I don’t really know… Another Weird Vamp Look

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