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If you own a dog, then you know you don’t need any type of validation to know that they love you unconditionally. Now some people believe that dogs are incapable of emotions. But what do they know? If dogs have proven anything, it’s that they’re extremely loyal and they love their human family more than …

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In 2011, photos called ‘Monkey Selfie’ surfed the Internet as one the funniest and most precious images you could find online. The photos were taken by the black macaque themselves, and even though it sounds like a very interesting coincidence, the fact the monkey took the photo is the reason we are still talking about this …

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Everyone say hi to Rexie the cat. This cat has a special talent for making faces. He is a very expressive cat that the internet dubbed the cat king of bleps. Sticking his tongue out for a cool photo is just an everyday thing with Rexie and it seems like he was born to be …

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Why do cats stick their tongue out? I always wanted to know this answer as a teen growing up with pet cats around the house, it always bugged me that no one could give me a simple yet reasonable answer to this question. Well, today we will find out once and for all. Any cat …

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She says she is “a freelance illustrator who tries to earn a living by painting sitting all day without becoming a whale” , which seems to me already two good intentions. But Demelsa Haughton , an Englishman from North Yorkshire, definitely goes further. In his portfolio, crowded with tender and a little extravagant Victorian girls  and their faithful little animals, it is …

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Animals have their personalities as well. They can be cute, they can be smiling even, they can be boring or menacing, looking like they are going to kill you sometime, but they can also be grumpy. Grumpy is a cute combination of “wanting to kill you”, bored, not giving a damn and constantly tired of …

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Every wondered how alligators look underwater?  Check this out.

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Did you know that rubbing an animal’s belly serves as a destresser? So go on, give your pet one, assuming they allow you to do so…like these ones.

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Meet Loki, she is known as the ‘vampire’ cat due to her protruding fangs.  Although, she looks like she was the creation of Dracula himself, she is a friendly and cuddly cat who will only suck dry your attention with her cute looks.      

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