10 Places You Can’t Visit But Really Honestly Don’t Want To

They’re awesome, they’re cool, they bear a great history, but these are places you can’t visit only know about them. These are the 10 places in the world you can’t go.

1. Coca-Cola Vault is the first on the places you can’t visit list

Coca-Cola was the first of its kind about 120 years ago. The recipe is locked into a vault in Atlanta. You can tour the facility, but you cannot directly access the secret recipe which is locked out in a very impressing vault.

places you can't visit

2. Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant, Ethiopia

It is believed that it contains the wooden chest clad with gold containing two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.

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3. Disney Club 33

Located in New Orleans Square within Disneyland, this is a very selective club that requires an initiation fee of $40,000. In order to enter, you are required to press a buzzer on the intercom which is hidden underneath a panel in the doorway. Secret stuff!

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4. Jiangsu National Security Education Museum 

It contains classified documents and equipment used for Chinese spying. You need to be a Chinese citizen to visit this place and you are not allowed to take pictures within the facility.

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5. Google Data Center

It contains rooms filled with CPUs containing trillions of bits of data. Google keeps the public out. Only IT whizzes have access, and even then they can’t merely “hang out”.

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6. Bank of England Vaults

It contains money, yes, lots of it. The second oldest central bank in the world is obviously off limits to the public, as it contains hundreds of thousands of gold bars.

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7. Lascaux Caves

No one is allowed inside these caves, located in South of France and are over 17,500 years old. There are paintings of livestock and other local creatures on the walls, pretty cool stuff.

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8. Moscow Metro-2

Russian government neither confirmed or denied the existence of the underground metro, and it had been said it was built during the Stalin era. If it is true, it connects the Kremlin with the federal government building and the airport. Only in 2004 a senior government official confirmed the metro actually exist

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9. RAF Menwith Hill

This facility in North Yorkshire, England is an intelligence and communications data center for the UK and United States. Wanna visit? Sorry you can’t. It’s another place you can’t go to.

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10. Dulce Base

This place is rumored to be a hotspot for extraterrestrials. The underground facility is based under the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico. The rumours says that humans actually join forces with UFO’s at this place. Trippy huh?

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