10 Funny Twilight Memes That Are Better The Actual Movies

The Twilight saga is done for now. Five romantic movies featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner about teenagers and vampires based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer are quite pop culture phenomenon of a 21st century. Why do we say that? Because we can’t recall any other example of bad movies that were hated by so many and at the same time watched by so many breaking box office records.

In the gallery below is a collection of hilarious Twilight memes, photos and photoshopped pieces inspired by the flows of to the Twilight movies. Let’s check them out and recall some facts about the Twilight saga. Don’t forget to pick your favorite and perhaps tell us what you think about the movies in the comment section.

1. He’s just not into medicine…

Funny Twilight Memes 1 (1)


2. Kristen Stewart, guilty as charged.

Funny Twilight Memes 2 (1)


3. Actors of Twilight saga…Before and After photo.

Funny Twilight Memes 3 (1)


4. Making some sense.

Funny Twilight puns 4 (1)


5. Someone that he used to know?

Funny Twilight puns 5 (1)


6. Here’s the creepy boy!

Funny Twilight puns 6 (1)


7. Kristen, again, guilty as charged.

Funny Twilight puns 7 (1)


8. So many emotions…and one facial expression.

Funny Twilight puns 8 (1)


9. Remeber to flush, Edward!

Funny Twilight images 9 (1)


10. Third wheel character, forever alone.

Funny Twilight images 10 (1)

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