10 Angry Baby Animals That Are Way Too Adorable To Stay Mad

This list of angry baby animals is probably more adorable than pisst. But looking at these animals you can’t not think how cute they are, even when they try to give you the evil eye or just won’t have it your way, they are still adorable! It’s no secret that animals are cute, but when you look at them when they’re tiny and babies they give new meaning to the phrase ” cute as a button “. Browse the list below of 10 pisst baby animals and tell us in the comment section which one was your favorite and which one you really don’t want to mess with.

1. The first on the angry baby animals list is this little guy who is truly pisst

angry baby animals (1)

2. Baby cow is giving us the evil eye. No cow, don’t!

angry baby animals 2 (1)

3. Ostriches always look angry, even when they’re just babies

angry baby animals 3 (1)

4. Didn’t really saw a lot of puppies with an angry face

angry tiny animals 4 (1)

5. Red fox living up to it’s name? Don’t make him angry

angry tiny animals 5 (1)

6. This angry puppy will murder you with his eyes, sleep with one eye open tonight

angry tiny animals 6 (1)

7. Duck says ” WTF?! Brah! WTF??”

angry tiny animals 7 (1)

8. Baby chickens don’t really like you taking pictures of them

angry tiny animals 8 (1)

9. ” Get out of here you! ” *dog probably

mad baby animals 9 (1)

10. This baby owl looks more shocked than angry. But still relevant to the angry baby animals list

mad baby animals 10 (1)

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